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Display Critical Analysis in FDI Studies; Reveal Significant Impacts of TNCs on China
Transnational Corporations in China: Research and Development
2011 TNCR Conference Proceedings (two volumes)
Editor-in-Chief (honorary): Karl Sauvant
Acting Editors: Hugh Deng, Hang Wu, Gloria Yuan, and Joe Zhao
January 2012, about 600 pages (electronically)
Price: US $100.00 (once volume for $60.00)
Supported by
  • Ottawa United Learning Academy & Denfar Transnational Development in Canada
  • School of Economics and Management, Northwest University, China
  • Transnational Corporations Review

John Watkins, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, says that China is an opportunity for most American companies. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development indicates that China as a FDI destination outperformed the rest of the world in the years. The primary focus of this special publication is on new and original research in the areas of economics and management with an emphasis on TNCs and FDI. China is keen in its interest to listen, learn, and evolve according to proven best practices globally. Soft power is there based on the Schumpeterian prudential entrepreneurial and long-term innovative market economy helped by the proper roles of governments.

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