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Transnational Corporations in China: Research and Development
Conference Proceedings, Xi'an, China, August 2010
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About the Conference


Dr. Karl P. Sauvant, Columbia University, New York, U.S.A.

Volume I  (Full Issue)

Francoise Nicolas

Chinese ODI in France: Challenges and Opportunities


Jianmin Tang

Off-shoring: A Canadian Story


Xinjian Cui, Bing Chen and Liangliang Gong

Technology Spillover Channels of R&D Cooperation


Hang Wu and Hang Liu

Foreign-Funded Enterprises in China: Social Responsibilities and Commitment


Liping Liu and Fei Wen

Theoretical Model of Enterprises' Cross-Cultural Management


Xiaoyong Lu and Huizhen Xue

Improvement of the Market Environment for Foreign M&As


Yong Yang

Technology Innovation and Geographic Organization: Choice of Production


Zhefan Piao and Shen Li

Impact of Business Models: Evidence from Chinese TNCs


Xueqin Kang and Zhen Zhang

Core Competitiveness of TNCs in Developing Countries


Bin Xu and Renjing Xu

Factors Influencing Insurance Scale and Prediction of Chinese Treasure Bonds


Qing Yang and Baiding Hu

Analysis of Macro Mechanism in Chinese TNCs


Yanlin Yang and Shuchang Xu

Industrial Trend of China’s ODI


Yang Wang

Impact of FDI on the Logistics Industry


Feiqiong Chen and Yin Wang

Integration Risk of Chinese Overseas M&As


Xiaomei Wang and Xuezhi Qin

Effects of the Financial Crisis on International Trade Based on the Gravity Model


Gongying Jiang and Hafiz Mirza

Relationship between TNCs and Chinese SOEs


Lina Lian, Haiying Ma and Yuxia Hu

Regression of MNCs Social Responsibility in China


Zhide Li

Causality between FDI and Economics Growth: Evidence from Guangdong


Xiushan Wang, Chenguang Zhao and Chen Zhao

Technology Innovation and Commercialization Risk of MNCs


Liuyong Yang and Jingjing Zhang

Early Warning System of Financial Risk of China's Foreign Investment


Xinwei Gao

After-sale Behavior and Enterprises Management


Jiancheng Wang, Yongrui Lu and Benchuan Yu

Internet Search Ranking as a Resource for SMEs


Ying Chen, Bingxiang Li and Hualun Zhang

Foreign Direct Investment, Consumption and Economic Growth in China


Wenzhe Hou

Factors that Influence FDI to China under the Financial Crisis


Tiebo Song, Jinghua Mo and Yan Xue

Organizational Legitimacies Propensity of Corporate Entrepreneurship


Yan Gao and Margaret Mitchell

Strategic Choice of International HRM for Chinese SMEs



Volume II  (Full Issue)

Shuili Yang and Yao Yao

Ownership Structure and Corporate Governance in Chinese TNCs

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C027 

Shengli Wang and       Yongming Cai

Technology Transfer of MNCs and Productivity Effects

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C028

Chen Zhao and Xiaohuan Liu

SWOT Analysis of Chinese Enterprises' Investment in North Korea

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C029

Jiyong Chen and Zhu Liang

Externalities and the Unbalanced Regional Distribution of FDI: the Case of China

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C030

Fulin Pan and Lingxia Wu

Growth and Trend: Transnational Corporations in China

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C031

Guoxin Wu, Yu Sun and Zhuning Li

The Crowding-in and Crowding-out Effects of FDI on Domestic Investment in the Yangtze Delta Region

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C032

Jiyong Chen and Xin Lei

Impact of Regional Technology and R&D on Location Choice of FDI

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C033

Haibo Xu and Jianglin Jiang

Development of Chinese OEM Enterprises

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C034

Sukun Pan and Huimin Li

Impact of FDI on Economic Growth in China: an Empirical Analysis

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C035

Lili Pan

Korean Direct Investment in China: Characteristics and Trends

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C037

Lifen Fu

Empirical Analysis of FDI’s Industrial Upgrade Effect

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C038

Xianchu Tan

Theoretical and Strategic Choice: TNCs under Globalization

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C039

Ting Qiu

Generation Mechanism of Excessive Competition in Industrial Clusters

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C040

Xue Chen and Chen Zhao

Entrepreneurial Risk Evaluation for Small and Medium-Sized Emprises

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C041

Ende Zhou and Xiaoyan Du

"Going-out” Strategy for Auto-Parts Enterprises in Hubei

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C042

Xinglong Xie and Hongqi Wang

Impact of TNCs and FDI on Innovation

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C043

Danlu Liu and Jianghuai Zheng

Outsourcing to Multinationals: a Growth Model of Chinese Firms

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C044

Huilong Wang and            Shaohua Wang

FDI Strategies and Transnational Development in Zhejiang

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C045

Yongju Ren

How Do MNCs’Regional Headquarters Influence on Local Economy

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C046

Chunmei Yang

Transnational M&As of China’s Enterprises: a Legal Perspective

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C047

Qiumin Liao and Chuanli Liu

FDI Location Selection in China Based on GIS

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C048

Bing Guan and Jing Xie

Impact of FDI on Technology Spillover in Heilongjiang

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C049 

Tiebo Song, Yan Xue and  Jinghua Mo

Internal or External Legitimacy: Which Do Overseas Subsidiaries of Multinational Enterprises Choose?

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C050 

Yan He, Xiaohong Wang and Songwei Cao

Chinese Overseas Mergers: How Does It Perform during the Financial Crisis?

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C051

Jinping Zhang

The Control and Anti-Control of Multinational Grain Merchants in China’s Soybean Industry

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C052


Volume III  (Full Issue)

Jinghui Chen and Ying Zhao

TNCs Embeddedness and Clustering Effects: an Empirical Analysis

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C053

Yiyi Jiang and Kai Zhou

Theoretical Model and Empirical Analysis: Effect of FDI on Income Gaps in China

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C054

Yiyi Jiang and Jing Du

Impact of Industry Matching Ability on FDI Location Choice: an Empirical Analysis

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C055

Xiaojing Xie, Chiyoko Shimozaki and Jamie Kalliongis

Developing a Framework for Fair Performance Appraisal Systems in TNCs

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C056

Hong Guo

Effectiveness of Administration and Supervision on Overseas State-owned Assets of China

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C057

Xinjian Li

Reflection of the Follow-up Strategy for Transnational Tourism Operation Market

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C058

Chunmei Yang,      Xin Liu and Ying He

Effect of TNCs’ Direct Investment on Foreign Trade in Tianjin

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C059

Haopeng Shen and Mingfu Cao

Effect of Changes in Exchange Intervals on Benefits of International Trade

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C060

Hong Jiang, Yajuan Feng and Mingfu Cao

Synergic Relationship between FDI and Industrial Structure in China

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C061

Mingfu Cao, Tian Jiang and Ang Cheng

Benefits of the Global Value Chains Specialization for the Textile Industry

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C062

Zhixin Wang and Cui Liang

Industrial Conglomeration of MNCs in China: an Empirical Study

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C063

Siyu Pan

Chinese Company Cross-Border M&A Operation Model

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C064

Xiaoguang Lu and Yanhong Zhou

Quantitative Analysis on Financial Characteristics of China's TNCs: Evidence of the Chinese Stock Market

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C065

Rui Kong and Weihua Liu

Does the “Flying Geese” Model still Exist in the Era of Globalization?

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C066

Yanmei Zhou

Impact of FDI on Independent Innovation Input of the Chinese Manufacturing Sector

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C067

Daihong Fu and Cong Wang

Overseas M&A Financing and Payment Analysis

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C068

Ling Chen, Dacheng Wan and Ling Luo

Determinants of the Location of FDI: Evidence from Fujian

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C069

Tao Ma

Evaluation Model for FDI to Regional Economic Development

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C070

Yan Shi and Zhihong Mao

Multinational Financial Management: Research on EVA

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C071

Fan Li

Determinants Research on FDI Outflow from Seven Western Countries to China

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C072

Yunfang Fan  and Shihui Guo

Agglomeration by TNCs under Globalization

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C073

Kai Wang and Zhen Pang

Analysis of the Impact of RMB Real Exchange Rate on Chinese Trade

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C074

Jingfeng Zhao and Hong Liang

International Division of Labor and Industrial Structure

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C075

Hang Liu and Ji Li

Market Power, Products Substitution and Incomplete Exchange Rate Transmission

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C076

Chunlin Cai and Fen Chen

The Mechanism of Economic and Trade Cooperation in BRICs

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C077

Jianqiao Lin, Lei Zuo and Changzheng Zhang 

Chinese Enterprises' Overseas RTO Risk Index in Post-Crisis Era

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C078

Leihong Sun

Innovation Path in Internationalization of Private Enterprises in Wenzhou

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C079

Xinguang Xue

Localization Strategy in Private Enterprise’s International Marketing in Wenzhou

DOI: 10.5148/tncr.2010.C080 


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