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Best Selected Papers
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Volume 7  Number 4  December 2015
Emerging Africa: Rise of Business and Entrepreneurship Opportunities
Guest Editors
Ben Amoako-Adu, Issouf Soumaré and Pierre Yourougou

In This Issue ▶


Special Study

Chinese Social Transformation and its Implications for African Reconstruction


      Horace Campbell


Abstract –Full Paper


All Eyes on Xi: The Chinese 60 Billion Dollar Question and the Problematic of African Development


     Dunia P. Zongwe


Abstract - Full Paper


Research Articles      

Competitiveness of African Economies: A Case Study on How Small to Medium Enterprises Can Analyze and Select African Countries for FDI


     Van R. Wood and Whitney Harrison


Abstract - Full Paper

Need for Accounting Information Systems in Small-Scale Kenyan Businesses


     John M Parkinson, George K. Riro and Nelson M Waweru


 Abstract - Full Paper


SME Development Challenges in Cameroon: An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Perspective


      Josée St-Pierre, Luc Foleu, Georges Abdulnour, Serge Nomo and Maurice Fouda


Abstract - Full Paper


A Performance Review of Sexual and Reproductive Health Centers in Sierra Leone: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach


     Sukanya Kemp


Abstract - Full Paper

Review Essay


Seven Myths about Chinese Migrants in Africa


   Dunia P. Zongwe


Abstract - Full Paper




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