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Best Selected Papers
Specials 2010

 Current location:Number 2 - 2013  
Volume 5  Number 2  June 2013
Special Issue
Rise of Emerging Asian Economies: Strategies and Challenges

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Internationalization Challenges

"Made with the World” vs. “Made for the World”: What would be the Future of “Made in China” Products?


      Albert Su, Marie-Hélène Regnière and Zhan Su


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Relocating Low-to-Medium Tech Manufacturing Activities to Developing Countries: Empirical Analysis of Taiwanese and South Korean Manufacturing Outsourcing to Bangladesh


     Md. Mamunur Rashid and Md. Samim Al-Azad


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Cross-Cultural Management of an Indian Multinational in its Western Subsidiaries: An Exploratory Study


     Roli Nigam and Zhan Su


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Emerging Business Issues

Technological Innovation in the United Arab Emirates: Process and Challenges


      Mariam Omran Al Hallami, Constance Van Horne and Victor Zengyu Huang


Abstract - Full Paper


Regional Tourism Development in Southeast Asia


     Mohammad Nurul Huda Mazumder, Mast. Afrin Sultana and Abdullah Al-Mamun


Abstract - Full Paper


Entrepreneurial Motivation and Social Enterprises: An Empirical Analysis on Founders of Social Ventures in Bangladesh


     Muhammad Mohiuddin, Rumana Parveen, Masud Ibn Rahman and Mohammad Nurul Huda Mazumder


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Cultural Specificities

Leadership Style and Employee Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Malaysian Semiconductor Industry


     Somaye Gharibvand, Mohammad Nurul Huda Mazumder, Muhammad Mohiuddin and Zhan Su


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Using Fuzzy Logic to Analyze Marketing Data: The Impact of Socio-psychological Variables on the National Identity of Jordanians


     Saeb Farhan Al Ganideh and Mohammad Aljanaideh


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