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Best Selected Papers
Specials 2010

 Current location:Number 3 - 2011  

Volume 3 Number 3  September 2011

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Corporate Social Responsibility

On the Perspectives of the Implementation of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility'


  Mia Mahmudur Rahim


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CSR Country Analysis

Corporate Social Responsibility and Large Shareholders: An Analysis of European Multinational Enterprises


  Félix J. López-Iturriaga and Óscar López-de-Foronda


AbstractFull Paper


Disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility and Value Creation: Evidence from China


  Chin-Chen Yeh, Lopin Kuo, and Hui-Cheng Yu


AbstractFull Paper


Developing a Corporate Social Responsibility Index in the Philippines: An Assessment


  Magdalena L. Mendoza


AbstractFull Paper


Corporate Managers’ Motivation and CSR Performance: A Case of the Banking Sector of Bangladesh


  Shafiqur Rahman and Jesmin Pervin


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CSR Thematic Research

Transnational Corporations and Human Rights: Strengthening Current Tools to Promote Accountability


  Iman Prihandono


AbstractFull Paper


CSR as a Means of Law: Regulation of Business Conduct to Take Account on Social Responsibility


  Prapanpong Khumon


AbstractFull Paper


Business and Sustainable Development: The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility as a Catalyst


  Nakib M. Nasrullah


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Special Studies

Growth in Exports of Services of India Exogenous Human Capital, Labour Market Infirmities and Complementing Foreign Capital


  D. Tripati Rao and Krishna Mahale


AbstractFull Paper


India’s Emergence as an Economic Giant: Opportunities to Canada


  Someshwar Rao


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Book Review

The Future of Economic Growth in a Multispeed World



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