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Best Selected Papers
Specials 2010

 Current location:Number 1 - 2011  

Volume 3  Number 1  March 2011

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Policy Review


China: Inward and Outward Foreign Direct Investment


  Karl Sauvant



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Research and Analysis


Improvements in the Market Environment for Foreign Mergers & Acquisitions


  Xiaoyong Lu and Huizhen Xue



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Technological Innovation and Geographic Organization: Choice of Production


  Yong Yang



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Special Studies


Opportunities and the Limits of an Economic Analysis in International Law


  Anne Van Aaken



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Developments in China


Factors Influencing the Scale of Chinese Treasury Bonds, Issuance and Prediction Thereof


  Bin Xu and Renjing Xu



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Analysis of Macro Mechanisms influencing Chinese Transnational Corporations


  Qing Yang and Baiding Hu



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Analysis of Industrial Trends in China’s Overseas Direct Investment


  Yanlin Yang and Shuchang Xu



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Theory and Practice


Effect of FDI in the Logistics Industry on Industrial Structure


  Yang Wang



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Theoretical Model of Enterprises’ Cross-Cultural Management


  Liping Liu and Fei Wen



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Award Information


Transnational Corporations Review Award 


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