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Best Selected Papers
Specials 2010

 Current location:Number 1 - 2010  

Volume 2  Number 1  March 2010

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Policy Review


Global and Regional Foreign Direct Investment Trends







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Columbia FDI Perspectives


International Investment Law and Media Disputes: A Complement to WTO Law



Luke Eric Peterson



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Research and Analysis


Applying Elinor Ostrom’s Rule Classification Framework to the Analysis of Open Source Software Commons



Charles M. Schweik and Meelis Kitsing



Abstract Full Paper 


Elinor Ostrom, Institutional Analysis and Design, and Dispute Systems Design



Lisa Blomgren Bingham



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The International Forestry Resources and Institutions Research Program



Catherine M. Tucker, Arun Agrawal, Burnell C. Fischer



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Theory and Practice


Efficiency of The Nigerian Capital Market



Sunday Eneojo Samuel and Richard Uzoefuna Oka



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Investment Canada Act



Invest Canada



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Study Notes


A New Perspective for Combating Global Climate Change



Lei Liu



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Special Information


2010 TNCs and China Conference 




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