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Causes and Effects on Restoring Diplomatic Relations between United States and Cuba
TNC ONLINE   2016-11-22 09:09:04 Author:Jue Lin Source: Font size:[Large][Middle][Small]

Abstract: This paper discusses the reasons, significance and influence of the restoring the ancient diplomatic relations in the United States. These reasons include the failure of many years of sanctions, the high cost of the sanctions, the need to collapse the left camp, the condemnation of international community. These also include the need to break the impasse of American Free Trade Area negotiations and the need to stabilize the Latin American backyard. All these made the United States to resolve the diplomatic relations with Cuba. The diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba reflect the pragmatic attitude of the Obama administration's foreign policy, which is important to economic development of the two countries in future. This paper further discusses the influence on China and the Latin America after the two countries establish diplomatic relations. The paper argues that, although the bilateral trade between China and Cuba is small, the diplomatic relations that the United States and Cuba established and then the United States to cancel the economic sanctionswill have certain beneficial and adverse impact on china. The paper proposes to overcome unfavorable factors by establishing a free trade area with major trading partners, encouraging enterprises to invest in Latin America, expanding cooperation in various fields between China and the Latin America, and establishing a dialogue mechanism among the governments.

Keywords: Diplomatic relations, the United States, Cuba, China, Latin America, trade

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