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Trade Dependence of America to the Emerging Economies
TNC ONLINE   2016-11-22 08:58:01 Author:Wenxiu Ma, Minjian Qiao and Shuai Guo Source: Font size:[Large][Middle][Small]

Abstract: Since 2005, the emerging economies have been the fastest growing region in the world and its markets have a significant impact on American foreign trade. What are the characteristics of the America’s trade to the emerging economies? What is the trade dependence of them? We quantitatively analyze the export volumes, import volumes and characteristics of industry structure change between the America and the emerging economies. At the same time, we analyze the relationship of the United States to the emerging economy countries by building measurement index system. We find that America’s trade dependence to emerging economies is strong and growing. Its general trade to emerging economies presents export-bias characteristics, trade binding index greater than one and intensity index increased year by year. We conclude that strengthening America’s trade cooperation with emerging economies is important for promoting the development of the U.S. economy and the emerging economies.

Keywords: America, foreign trade, emerging economies, trade dependence


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