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China's Direct Investment in the United States
TNC ONLINE   2016-11-22 08:17:15 Author:Huijun Yu, Nanyang Deng and Yanhong Zou Source: Font size:[Large][Middle][Small]

Abstract: With the deepening of economic globalization, China's direct investment in the United States has entered a phase of rapid growth. This paper focuses on whether direct investment can benefit both countries and promote sustained development of U.S.-China relationship. Through studying the investment motivation and comparative advantages of Chinese enterprises, we find that such problems as small investment scale, industry entry barriers, unreasonable industrial structure, and few mergers and acquisitions have hindered the Chinese enterprises to the U.S. market. Furthermore, after analyzing the data, results reveal that China’s direct investment does not have full advantage in technology and management. And also some reasons have prevented the Chinese enterprises' direct investments from achieving success. Possible barriers are thought to be from China's economic factors and non-economic factors when the Chinese enterprises access to the United States.

Keywords:Chinese enterprises, United States, foreign direct investment, strategy


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