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Importance and Essence of the Sino-US Relation
TNC ONLINE   2016-11-22 08:20:02 Author:Wengui Zhou and Jia Liu Source: Font size:[Large][Middle][Small]

Abstract: The Sino-US relation is the most important bilateral relation in the current world. Such importance is now playing a profound influence over social and economic development in both China and the United States as well as on the operation of the basic international configuration. To correctly understand and closely master the essence of the Sino-US relation is of significance since it greatly concerns the blessing of the two countries and that of the rest of the world. The main trend of mutual benefit, complementarity and cooperation has played, is playing, and will play a dominant and decisive role in the future development of the Sino-US relation. That makes it optimistic to build a new type of relationship between China and the United States.

Keywords: Sino-US relation, win-win solution, China’s peaceful development, strategic trust


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